Beautiful Caohejing

Project Details

We led this masterplanning project for a new linear public park between a canal and a major road in central Shanghai.  As part of the government’s strategy to improve the environment alongside the city’s canals and open them up to public access, Beautiful Caohejing intended to set an exemplar precedent by creating an inviting canalside park for enjoyment by the public, focusing on naturalistic, ecological design within this contrasting dense, urban environment. 

Design Details

  • Based on themes of water, movement and light, the design is characterised by ribbons of planting inspired by the flow of water and the swaying of wetland meadows in the breeze
  • Evocative wetland meadow areas are accentuated by bands of colourful annual planting, criss-crossed by timber bridges over swales
  • Quays and plazas are introduced along the canal at key thresholds, bringing the water out towards the important road that runs parallel to the site, helping to draw people into the park


Site Area:



Caohejing Hi-Tech Park


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