Barking Riverside

Project Details

Creation of a new community neighbourhood alongside two km of Thames waterfront, on a former power station site.  Based on strong environmental principles, we played a key role in setting out the strategic framework for the landmark development, which includes healthcare facilities, schools, open spaces, public squares, a new rail station and a range of eco-friendly homes and commercial and leisure developments.  Outline planning permission was granted in 2007.

Design Details

  • The site used to be part of the marshland that separated the land from the sea. The land was reclaimed in the Middle Ages but inspiration was taken from the riparian river forms characteristic of the Thames Estuary and the rich biodiversity found along this stretch of the river
  • Reference to the rich heritage of the site was proposed as part of the strategy, relating to themed play spaces and artwork and interpretation proposals
  • Comprehensive play, sport and recreation strategy prepared to support the masterplan


Site Area:



Maxwan / Gustafson Porter


Aerial imagery by Maxwan