Durham Market Place

Project Details

Following a competition, we were appointed as the team leaders in this comprehensive restoration of streets, squares and alleyways in the World Heritage City of Durham.  Durham City Vision worked to identify the need to address and re-animate these spaces to allow them to realise their potential in improving Durham’s importance as a major visitor attraction.  Through extensive consultation, we then developed a masterplan scheme that aimed to rejuvenate these public spaces as a main orientation point within the city and a venue for regular markets and events.

Design Details

  • The comprehensive redesign included substantial changes to traffic management, detailed liaison on market uses, adjustments to positions of listed statues and a new artwork strategy, all developed through extensive public consultation
  • The design objective was for a seamless floor plane across the Market Square, paved in high quality granite and sandstone finishes
  • The market square was designed to be flexible enough to accommodate the regular markets, the annual Miners’ Gala, Durham University graduation events and the Lumiere Festival of Light

Durham Market Place

Site Area:



Durham Council / Durham City Vision


Howard Bowcott (Artist) / Miller Research (Regeneration)


Martin Stockley Associates


Beaufort Ellis

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