Garden Square, Rushden Lakes

Project Details

Set within the beautiful Nene Valley, Rushden Lakes is a unique hub for the local area, focused around the Skew Bridge Ski Lake. Visitors can shop, dine along the lakeside, take a canoe out on the water or hire a bike and take many of the trails which fork out from the Nene Wetlands Visitor Centre on site. The vision for the public realm at Garden Square stemmed from the idea of creating a verdant oasis in this corner of Rushden Lakes, giving visitors the opportunity to relax in a calm space surrounded by greenery. The space encourages people to explore and interact with their surroundings and builds upon the unique character of the Rushden Lakes. A natural play space creates an exciting opportunity for children to explore in amongst fallen logs and boulders and insect and bird habitats nestled in the trees boost the habitat for locally important species.

Design Details

  • Handmade brass leaves set into the resin floorscape mimic the fallen foliage from the surrounding trees
  • Shade-tolerant planting, with ferns, bugloss and anemones, reinforces the character of this verdant ‘dell’
  • Fallen giant oak logs and rounded boulders mimic the wetland edges so characteristic of the surrounding Nene Valley
  • Pops of colour in the smart benches bring a contemporary twist to the scheme, in line with the brand

Rushden Lakes, Northamptonshire


The Crown Estate

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Harris Partnership




Willerby Landscapes