Harlow Regeneration

Project Details

Revival of the town centre of Harlow, famously designed as a 1940s New Town by Sir Fredrick Gibberd.  Our brief was to create a place which would bring life back into the town centre, increase footfall in the area and create a vibrant and attractive new heart of the town.  Our masterplan design followed Gibberd’s original vision for Harlow, which sought to bring the character of the surrounding landscape into the town, through a series of gardens, green walkways and a relocated Market Square – a new Garden Quarter. Pending redevelopment of the wider regeneration project, we were commissioned to carry out temporary improvements to existing squares within the town centre as an interim measure by creating colourful, lively spaces which provide a venue for town events.

Design Details

  • Based on the idea that a town centre should be like ‘a series of rooms, each designed for a particular purpose and with its own character, like the rooms of a house’, the proposals for the Market Square sought to create a homely ‘living room’ environment, full of colour and texture
  • Proposals for West Square were developed based on Gibberd’s aspiration to ‘bring the countryside into the town’ by creating a native woodland glade in the heart of Harlow, using native plant species and natural materials, with a strong focus on ‘playable’ urban space

Harlow Town Centre


Harlow Council / Harlow Renaissance / Stockland




Beattie Watkinson / Hilson Moran


Gardiner and Theobald


Gavin Jones

Project Value:

£350,000 External Works


Aerial imagery by Engle