Project Details

New purpose-built office campus for Hitachi Capital in the White Horse Business Park, West Wiltshire.  The landscape setting for Hakuba House (which translates directly as ‘white horse’) has been designed to reflect the Hitachi brand and the surrounding Wiltshire countryside, with the sweeping nature of the site and the rolling landscape beyond being mirrored in the both architectural and landscape design.

Design Details

  • The Japanese heritage of Hitachi has inspired many design features such as the Cherry Groves at either side of the building entrance. Cherry trees and their blossom (Sakura) are revered in Japan and celebrated as part of the Hanami, a tradition of picnicking under the blossom
  • An island of Japanese Maples (Acer palmatum ‘Sumi-nagashi’) are a highlight of the design, offering an attractive feature for the arrival space. For thousands of the years the maple has been a symbol of elegance, calm and beauty and are known in Japanese as ‘kaede’, meaning both ‘baby’s hands’ (due to their leaf shape) and ‘become crimson leaves’ as their autumn colour is unmatched
  • The extensive rain gardens within the site are a practical response to the issues of storm water and are an ornamental version of the natural swales found in the local area

Trowbridge, Wiltshire

Site Area:



Hitachi Capital


Nash Partnership


FMW Consultancy


Midas / Whiting Landscape

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Whiting Landscape / Macgregor Smith