Persian Gulf Resort

Project Details

Working with Populous architects, we acted as the landscape masterplanners for this new luxury spa resort in the Persian Gulf.  Covering one of the few areas of natural scrub landscape left on the island, our work involved careful integration of the proposals into the existing landscape, which has an important wild deer population and is bordered by a prominent turtle breeding beach.  The proposals aim to enhance the existing landscape as a sympathetic setting for the discrete resort development, which will be characterised by a more traditional Persian garden structure with courtyards and a focus on shade and water.

Design Details

  • Enhancement of the local ‘savannah’ environment with selective thinning of poor specimens and development of strong planting framework using native species including Ficus bengalensis, Acacia nicolita, Tamarix aphylla and Solanum incanum
  • Following the tradition of Persian gardens, the proposals for the resort feature sunken gardens, formal tree groves, timber walkways and fountain gardens, with framed views to the setting sun
  • Creation of land bridge that connects the wildlife reserve over road infrastructure and into the resort

Persian Gulf

Site Area:



Tawseaa Project Development Consultancy




Buro Happold

Project Value:

£8m budget