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Uxbridge Business Park

Project Details

Located in northwest London, on the edge of the Green Belt and Colne Valley Regional Park, Uxbridge Business Park is an existing development set into a landscape that bridges both urban and rural environments. Macgregor Smith were tasked by our clients Arlington to reimagine and transform the Park’s communal spaces as part of a wider investment into their health and wellbeing offer.

Our brief was to design an engaging social space for the business park community around a new amenity building named the ‘Clubhouse’. The landscape vision for this echoes the riparian character and fluvial forms of the nearby Sands River and Colne Valley Regional Park. Knitting this theme together with the existing, more managed landscape in the business park brings a distinct character to the space that is respectful of its context, yet exciting and dynamic for its occupants.

Carving its way through Miscanthus and Verbena topped mounded landforms, a resin bound gravel path links the existing business park to the new Clubhouse. Groups of multi-stemmed birch trees on top of the profiles frame the views from the path to the Clubhouse drawing you towards it before the path widens and provides a flexible events space around the building. Seating and social areas surround the Clubhouse marking it as the community focal point for the whole business park.

The meandering path continues and links over the Sands River to connect to a new sports field for the park. All weather pitches, an informal rounders field and a running track all set within a new species rich meadow with new tree planting and swathes of wildflower bulb planting have dramatically transformed the health and wellbeing offer at Uxbridge, vastly improving the day to day environment for those working there.

Design Details

  • Sometimes, less is more. A simple planting palette of Miscanthus and two varieties of Verbena swathe over lawned mounds brings a riparian texture to the landscape while still allowing it to look clean, neat and appropriate for the business park setting.
  • The white stems of birch trees and vertical timber cladding on the Clubhouse work together to blend the building into its environment whilst the bright red stems of Salix alba ‘Britzensis’ make a vibrant statement during winter in the sports field.
  • A sedum biodiversity roof on the Clubhouse helps soften views to the building from within the business park whilst also benefitting local ecology and wildlife.

Uxbridge, Greater London




DN-A Architects


Baynham Meikle Partnership


BDB Design Build (Main Contractor) / Gavin Jones (Landscape Contractor)


Ecology Solutions