Whiteley Village

Project Details

We acted as landscape masterplanners in this retail park refurbishment scheme, Phase 1 of which was completed in June 2013.  The framework was based around a principle of ‘streets and squares’ – emphasising interconnected pedestrian routes through the site and encouraging active frontages.  The site is surrounded by locally important woodland and the proposals introduce ‘green fingers’, which extend into the site and strengthen green links with the surrounding woodlands of Round Coppice, Sawpit Copse and Waterclose Copse.  We worked closely with artist Lucy Casson to incorporate a series of playful bronze woodland creature sculptures, which guide people through the site and bring animation into the public realm.

Commendation at BCSC Gold Awards 2013 for New Centre

Design Details

  • Connections to surrounding locally important woodland emphasised through use of complementary semi-mature native species such as English Oak & Black Alder and groves of 9m height (80-90cm girth) Silver Birch
  • Working with artist Lucy Casson, the concept was for a series of stylised woodland creatures to appear to have come out of the surrounding woodland and be playing in the streets and squares – 2 foxes stand looking playfully at each other beneath a tree, a mother wild boar keeps an eye on her three piglets walking along the edge of a planter. The smooth cast bronze encourages children to stroke and interact with the creatures, who mark out a journey through the site

Fareham, Hampshire

Site Area:



British Land


Corstorphine & Wright


Lucy Casson (Artist)


Evolve / Wallace Whittle


McLaren Group / Gavin Jones

Project Value:

£600,000 (External Works)